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Lubricant Blending
Facilties - Overview

Terminal Island- The terminal Island marine facility is the center for all of General Petroleum’s Southern California marine operations. An operating fuel dock since 1913, General Petroleum began operating this facility in 1946. The facility features a 180 foot fuel dock and approximately 90,000 gallons of bulk fuel storage, in four tanks. Bulk and package lubricants are stored in a 5,000 gallon tank and two warehouses. The terminal also has a truck loading rack and a cardlock on site. Primary products sold here are marine diesel, commercial automotive diesel, alternative fuels, cardlock gasoline/diesel and marine lubricants. Regular customers include tug companies, fishing vessels, marine construction, stevedores and local industrial accounts. The facility also serves as the loading and staging area for all of General Petroleum’s barge operations.

Rancho Dominguez- The Rancho Dominguez Complex (RDC) is the center for all of General Petroleum’s Southern California commercial operations. This facility handles the marketing and distribution functions for the sale of fuels and lubricants for the commercial market in Southern California (Ventura county line to San Diego). The facility features a 55,000 square foot warehouse, and bulk lubricant storage. Lubricants are either delivered by bulk truck or package truck (for totes, drums, pails and for case goods). In addition, the facility is a manufacturing plant responsible for the blending of components into finished products as well as the terminaling of products. Additives, base oils, and finished products are stored in the tank farm complex consisting of 2.5 million gallons of storage. The facility also serves as the Corporate headquarters.

Ventura- The Ventura facility handles commercial and some marine sales in the Ventura/Santa Barbara area. The facility is on a three acre site that has a bulk loading rack for fuels, a warehouse for lubricant and chemical package products, office facilities and a cardlock . This facility sells to the commercial/agricultural base of customers and also to the offshore oil drilling segment. A predominance of the companies chemical sales in California are generated from the Ventura facility.

San Francisco- General Petroleum’s San Francisco division operates out of two facilities. Offices, warehouse space and truck parking are located at our facility in the Port of Richmond. The other site is located at Fisherman’s Wharf. General Petroleum also has on the water bulk fuel storage at the IMTT terminal, also in the Port of Richmond. From this terminal, General Petroleum is the Bay Area’s dominate supplier of marine diesel to all the tug companies, commercial harbor craft and marine construction. The dock at Fisherman’s Wharf services the local fishing fleet and other miscellaneous smaller harbor craft. Additional sales include supplying gasoline, on road diesel and lubricants to the stevedoring companies.

Central Valley, CA Centered in Modesto with satellite facilities in Bakersfield, Corcoran, Fresno, Los Banos, Sonora and Sacramento.  Combined bulk fuel and lubricant storage at all locations tops 1,000,000 gallons.  We provide a full range of products, including diesel, gasoline, lubricants, chemicals and filters.  We deliver these products to a diverse group of industries: from agriculture to construction, industrial to car dealerships, manufacturing plants to quick lubes.

Rainier Petroleum- Rainier Petroleum’s marine facility is the center for all of the Pacific Northwest marine operations. Rainier Petroleum began operating the facility located on Harbor Island in Puget Sound in 1989. The facility features a million gallons of diesel fuel storage and a fuel dock in excess of 500 feet that extents into Puget Sound and the Port of Seattle. Bulk and package lubricants are stored in a heated tank farm and warehouse respectively. The primary products sold are marine diesel, and lubricants. Customers serviced by Rainier are the ferry systems for both the state of Washington and Alaska, tug companies, fishing vessels and other types of marine craft.

MOSSA  (Panama)- Petroleos Generales entered the marine diesel market in 1998 and has become one of the Canal Zone’s larger suppliers. Originally providing fuel and lubricants to the international tuna fleets calling on Panama, Petroleos Generales operates a fuel dock out of the former US Rodman Naval Base. Current sales concentrate on the supply of marine diesel to deep draft vessels transiting the canal. Additionally Petroleos Generales is the largest supplier of diesel to the US Navy in Panama.